Edie Falco for HCAN

She did a great video to launch our new text messaging campaign and to invite you to join her here in DC on June 25th:

Here’s what she says:

Hi. I’m Edie Falco, and I support Health Care for America Now. I spent many years without health coverage. I know the feeling of hoping your symptoms go away before you have to get money together to see a doctor. I know worrying about it makes it even harder to get better. I still have friends and family in this position. My situation is different now. I have health care. I have good doctors. I’m treated very well, and I’m grateful for this. I also know that no one person is any more worthy of such treatment than any other one person who may be sitting at home right now worried about their own health or the health of a loved one knowing they don’t have the money to take care of it. In June, I am going down to Washington, DC with Health Care for America Now. Together, we are going to let Congress know that we will not wait another moment to fix our broken health care system. We have a plan. A plan that makes health care affordable to both families and businesses. It’s a real plan. If you have insurance that works for you, you can keep it. You will also have a guaranteed backup plan. It’s quality, affordable health care no matter what. Peace of mind.

You can join us in Washington, DC on June 25th. Text “HEALTH” to 94553.

Together we can get this done. Now is the time.

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