Out in Right Field

The GOP release their “plan” for health care reform today. It’s a joke. Remember, they had 8 years to do something and did nothing. Here’s our official comment:

“While committees in Congress are doing the hard work on real reform, Republican leaders are endorsing a collection of stale bullet points and already-rejected ideas. They suggest we control costs by giving people tax credits to buy health insurance they can’t afford and loosely encouraging states and employers to cover more people. Now Rep. Boehner writes he wants to cut regulations on the insurance industry on the same day The LA Times reports three of the largest health insurance companies told Congress they refuse to stop canceling people’s policies when they get sick. Talk about being out of step and out of touch with what the American public wants and needs.”

At the same time Greg points to new Gallup poll showing the American public trusts Republicans least of all when it comes to recommending what’s right for health care reform – less than insurance companies:

And a new nonpartisan, independent poll from EBRI shows that 83% of the public supports a public health insurance option. 83%:

3 thoughts on “Out in Right Field”

  1. The Republican plan was exactly what a party of no ideas and no interest in reform would propose. What I do not get is why the Obama Administration and reformers do not fight the ads that the right plays talking about government taking over healthcare and preventing people from making decisions on their health or controlling it. How come no one says something about how it is now? How you can't get a treatment because some insurance bureaucrat says no. Or there are delays for reviews. Or billing is fouled up. How is the government so big, bad, scary, and controlling compared to the insurance companies?

  2. Well, I just watched Jon Stewart make the point with a laugh, but I will look for your gang making some positive noise on this non-sensical issue of fearmongering. Go get 'em, Jacki!

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