Dumb Media Meme of the Week

or If Health Care Reform Is Dead, Then Why Am I So Busy?

I don’t know who started the absurd rumor that health care reform is dead and/or dying. but it could be the most ridiculous fabricated story I’ve heard in a while.

We are talking about making huge sweeping progressive change that will affect people’s lives in a very real way (a very good real way), and we’re talking about Congress (yes, that Congress) making it happen. It’s going to take a little time. We’re not naming a state frog here, folks. We’re tying to fix health care in the face of extreme opposition from incredibly well-monied special interests and Republicans who would love nothing more than to see President Obama and Democratic leadership fail. Let’s be patient. Just a touch.

When you’ve got a heavy lift, it takes a minute or two to get your feet planted firmly beneath you. You’ve got to brace yourself first. Right now, as far as I’m concerned, we’re still just chalking up.

The House starts its hearings today. Richard will be testifying. CAF is doing a press call and emphasizing A. Bipartisanship is a crock of b.s. and B. HCAN’s report on how health care is just plain unaffordable.

Tomorrow is a Senate hearing you’ll want to keep and eye on. More info on that to come.

And Thursday is our big rally here in D.C. For more on Health Care ’09, check out the website. It’s going to be the largest health care lobby day ever. You can follow the days events on Twitter with #healthcare09, and you can sign up for text alerts by texting HEALTH to 94553.

Edie Falco will be here, and Governor Dean will be delivering his half million signatures for the public health insurance option to Congress. It’s going to big. I suspect bigger than anyone’s expecting.

So would it kill the media to get a grip?

Here’s the Edie video again in case you missed it:

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