A First For Everything

I actually think I agree with David Brooks today. (Yes, I’m feeling okay)

Before you judge, take a gander:

On health care, too, the complicated job of getting a bill that can pass is taking priority over the complicated task of creating a program that can work. Dozens of different ideas are being added, watered down or merged together in order to cobble together a majority. But will the logrolling produce a sustainable health system that controls costs and actually hangs together?

The great paradox of the age is that Barack Obama, the most riveting of recent presidents, is leading us into an era of Congressional dominance. And Congressional governance is a haven for special interest pleading and venal logrolling.

When the executive branch is dominant you often get coherent proposals that may not pass. When Congress is dominant, as now, you get politically viable mishmashes that don’t necessarily make sense.

We need health care reform legislation that actually does something to make people’s lives better, not legislation that makes it easier for Members of Congress to sit together in the cafeteria.

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