Phoning It In

I’ve been doing more and more radio interviews lately, and I’m starting to really enjoy them. It’s the unscripted, personality-driven broadcasting I’ve always preferred, and it reminds me a lot of my Pseudo days.

I just finished up The Stephanie Miller Show with Hal Sparks who was filling in for Stephanie. It went well. He’s fun to banter with. Actually, I can only think of one “appearance” I didn’t totally adore, and that’s because a couple of other guests went off on a pro-single payer tangent in which I had no interest in participating. I just sat back and let them go to town.

But usually, especially when it’s one-on-one, I get to say what I want, fight for the cause, and toss in a little humor along the way. And I get to do it all in jeans and a t-shirt, and I don’t have to wear TV makeup.


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