Take 2 and Make Me Call You In The Morning

I just had a prescription copay jump from $25 to $130. No warning. No explanation. Just the tab when I got to the pharmacy. Option A: Pay it. Option B: Skip the medication.

I paid up, but I could afford to. Not everyone can. And no one should have to forgo necessary medicine – especially medication they expect to be covered – because it’s too expensive.

Something’s definitely askew, and you better believe I’ll be on the phone with the insurance company first thing tomorrow. I’ll let you know what happens.

Meanwhile, it’s incidents like tonight’s that make me especially proud to fight insurance companies for a living. I don’t mind getting angry when it can be anger well-channelled.

UPDATE: Turns out I have a $100 RX deductible I didn’t know about. So my copay went up to $30, but the pharmacy charged me the $130 to cover the deductible. That would have been nice to know and would have saved me a lot of grief in the moment.

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