Hot and Cold

I’m going to have to leave the office soon while I can still feel my toes.

But going into the weekend, the latest news on the health care reform front can be summed up by stating the obvious:

Fixing health care is hard.

Seriously. Explain to me why anyone expected this wouldn’t be an arduous process rife with ups and downs and stalls and restarts. Today we found out the House markups are being pushed back a tad. Ok. Whatever. So let’s put in a little extra work and smooth over some of the rough patches. HELP is making good progress. We are farther along now than we have ever been, like, ever, and we have the President, Congressional leadership, and a majority of the American public on the same page when it comes to one of the largest components of the whole deal – a new public health insurance option. In my book, we are doing just fine.

Keep that in mind if you watch the talking heads on TV this weekend spew all shades of contradictory, unfounded garbage.

And with that, I’m off. Have a good one.

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