It’s Been A Week

I sent the following text to a friend last night:

U know ur standards are low when u get home, the cat hasn’t thrown up, and u think…ok, not such a bad day after all.

Things are moving so quickly, it’s tough to keep the site up to speed. But here’s a little summary of what’s been going on and what we’re waiting on:

The House release its legislation on Tuesday. Our official statement is here.

H.E.L.P passed its bill out of committee on Wednesday. Our official statement is here. We also made an ad thanking Senator Dodd:

The AMA endorsed the House bill yesterday. You can see the letter here.

Finally, the President’s planning to speak about health reform at 3:15pm, and we continue to wait for something – anything – to come out of the Senate Finance Committee. We shall see.

One thought on “It’s Been A Week”

  1. I think it is time to bring Ted Kennedy in for a dramatic speech. Oh, and your cat looks a lot like mine. I measure a good day by coming home and not finding litter all over the room.

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