Saying No Means More of the Same

John’s in France right now trying to deal with an eye “situation” and Blue Cross Blue Shield back here in the US:

For all intents and purposes I have no insurance. I have a crap shoot. Not only are the details of my plan unknowable, but they appear to change with the luck of the draw, depending who answers the phone that day at Blue Cross’ 800 number, spin the lucky wheel, headquarters in hell.

His frustration is not unique, but he tells a good story, and his is a reminder of why it is so important we do something now.

Let the Republicans play politics and try to stop progress. Let them formulate rhetoric and invent bogeyman to try to scare people away from change. Let them be on the wrong side of history. Let them back up the Blue Cross Blue Shield’s of the world and perpetuate the nightmare of skyrocketing premiums, shrinking coverage, and endless runarounds.

My advice to Democrats: Don’t be one of them. Nitpicking is not the way to be heroic. Vote for reform that is going to make health care in this country better. Take this opportunity to be one of the good guys. And instead of just worrying about getting re-elected, try doing something that actually makes you worthy of being re-elected.

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