One Rotten Apple

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey is so into recycling that he recycles John McCain’s health care plan in an OpEd in the WSJ today.

Not only does his position show he’s completely out of touch with his progressive customer base, but it also shows he’s not at all concerned with what’s best for his lower wage employees. For example, who’s got $2500 disposable income sitting around just in case they get sick?

Our team members therefore spend their own health-care dollars until the annual deductible is covered (about $2,500) and the insurance plan kicks in. This creates incentives to spend the first $2,500 more carefully. Our plan’s costs are much lower than typical health insurance, while providing a very high degree of worker satisfaction.

Yes. Lower cost for you. More out-of-pocket for your employees.

Plus, how offensive is the “so you spend your health care dollars more wisely” argument? Who goes to the doctor for fun? Who’s using health care benefits recklessly? You know, just because. Spare me, Mr. Mackey. You found a slimy way to cut corners, and you should be wholly ashamed.

More from John here.

One thought on “One Rotten Apple”

  1. Not surprising, since Mackey is an avowed Ayn Rand objectivist. Sure, he sells products to lots of crunchy, community-loving folks, but his philosophy is all about self-interest. Want to be healthy? Eat good stuff from Whole Foods. Get sick anyway? Sorry, your problem, not his.

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