New Stuff

Well, hello. Long time no post. I’ve got a random selection of goodies to help kick off the week.

First, we’ve got a new ad up in Maine. It’s called “Insured,” and it’s good. Take a look:

The ad is part of a huge week-long blitz which includes TV, radio, online, and print ads and grassroots activities like press conferences and door-to-door canvasses and editorial board meetings. There is also an online petition you can sign here.

In the realm of less political more personal, I’ve posted a new blogger profile photo. I figured it was time to update since the old one was embarrassingly old.

And finally, the next couple of days are going to be all about three things:

  1. What’s the President going to say?
  2. What the President says
  3. What do we have to say about the President’s speech?

Should be interesting.

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