ER um Yeah

So guess who spent the morning in the emergency room. Yup. Nice, right? This whole bronchial cough thing finally caught up to me, and I couldn’t get a full breath. A smart coworker who saw me wheezing in the morning meeting insisted I take myself to the ER. Good thing I did. I was in bad shape by the time I got there.

They do think it’s bronchial from last week’s bout with Bacon Flu. They gave me an albuterol mist treatment, rechecked my lungs, and sent me off with an inhaler and some meds. I’m still going to see the allergist tomorrow just to rule that out, but it takes a lot to get me to cave and seek emergency help. I’m more likely to work through the discomfort and wish it away. Too much to do. But this one got bad enough that I finally backed down.

Oh don’t you worry. I’m still a tough cookie. I just reveal a glimpse of the soft chewy center from time to time.

Ok, back to the business at hand. We launched a new national ad campaign today. Here’s the first TV ad:

The image up top to the left is the first of three print ads. There’s an online ad too. The landing page for that is here.

One thought on “ER um Yeah”

  1. i kind of hope you get a huge bill from the ER, just for the irony.

    kidding. because that wouldn't be ironic at all, it would just suck.

    hope you feel better soon!

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