Correcting The Record

As you watch Senate Finance, some information to keep in mind:

Will doctors have to take public option patients under the Rockefeller amendment?

NO. After the first two years, doctors are not required to take patients in the new public health insurance option. Truth is, doctors are never “required” to take patients, but they would have to “participate” in the public health insurance option for two years.

Are Medicare rates reasonable?

YES. According to MEDPAC (whose authority the Committee, including Senator Conrad, voted to increase), Medicare pays hospitals around the country a reasonable amount. MEDPAC says that rates cover the cost of efficient providers providing quality care.

And as to the impact of the public health insurance option in North Dakota:

CBO projections of the total public health insurance option enrollment is 6 million people after several years. That would mean about 12,500 people in North Dakota. There are now 106,000 Medicare beneficiaries in North Dakota.

And will the public option take over the system?

CBO says the public health insurance option will have 6.2 million people after 10 years.

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