Premature Speculation

CNN’s banner screams “Breaking News: Public Option Plan Fails.”

Truth? The Rockefeller public health insurance option amendment lost on an 8 to 15 vote. The good guys: Rockefeller, Bingaman, Kerry, Cantwell, Wyden, Schumer, Menendez, and Stabenow. The bad guys: All the Republicans and Conrad, Lincoln, Nelson, Carper, and Baucus – who believes in the “concept” of the public health insurance option but shows such great leadership by voting against it.

Nice going, Max.

The Schumer amendment is still on the table, and Schumer is saying as I type, “We are going to keep at this and at this and at this until we succeed because we believe in it so strongly.”

The 8 on Rockefeller was expected. Let’s see how we do on Schumer. I’m optimistic. Again, we won’t get all 13, but we could still pick up a vote or two.

One thought on “Premature Speculation”

  1. You probably already read about how FOX's Carl Cameron said yesterday that it was the first time that anyone had a chance to vote on a public option and it got killed.

    Where were the Breaking News headlines when the public options passed in the other Senate and House committees?

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