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I clearly think I have something to say, or I wouldn’t have started writing online, but I’m always amazed when anyone asks me to share a little insight or knowledge in person. Panels and presentations tend to feel awfully formal to me, and I’m just not that suave at formality. I never know quite the right tone to take or how long I’m expected to speak, and most of the time I assume the audience is fully aware that I’d rather be interacting with them than lecturing at them.

That said, I had the chance to chat with a class at Georgetown today about health care reform and the media. I think I managed to pull it off with sufficient aplomb, but Chris Frates from Politico was there, and I definitely had more fun during the second hour when he and I got to spar a little. We have a genuine mutual respect for each other’s agenda so it affords us the leeway to speak candidly about my challenges in engaging the media on health care reform and his challenges in being the media covering health care reform.

By the way, if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should bookmark Chris’ new Live Pulse blog. He’s closely following the Senate Finance Committee markup which picks up again tomorrow, and if you’re a junkie like me, he’s got all the little extra somethings you need to keep you coming back for more.

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