Men Behaving Badly Monday

Morning. We’ve got a theme this AM. On the professional front, we have a new ad up in Nevada targeting John Ensign. You can read all about Senator Ensign’s recent indiscretions here. We’re more concerned with his ties to the health insurance industry:

On the personal front, a little advice to male suitors who wonder where they might be going wrong:

1. If you’re interested enough to call and ask me out, don’t then bring a date to my birthday party. It doesn’t make me jealous or curious. It makes me done.

2. If you decide not to show up at my birthday party because you’re “not feeling the venue,” don’t then call me up to hang out at your preferred locale two days later.

3. If you come to my party and you and your friends drink your weight in alcohol, don’t skip out on the bill. My friend who threw the party appreciates your thank you email, but she’d appreciate your not being so cheap a whole lot more.

And people think I’m exaggerating when I say it’s tough to meet decent guys in this town.

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