Where There’s Smoke

Let me set the scene for my Tuesday so far. I enter the Metro this morning as a flood of people are walking out. Assuming something’s up, I ask the one and only Metro employee in sight what’s going on.

Me: What’s going on?

Him: There’s a delay.

Me: Are the trains running?

Him: Eventually.

Stranger 10,000 times more helpful than Metro employee: There’s smoke on the tracks at Metro Center, and nothing’s moving.

I join the mass exodus and walk to work. 45 minutes later, the fire alarm goes off at work. Group exit #2. This one has the feel of a drill from the start, but who am I to tempt fate. We stand outside for about 10 minutes and then head back in.

It’s not even noon yet. Who wants to bet there will be more? It just feels like one of those days.

In other less annoying news, we’ve got more than 50 anti-insurance protests taking place today around the country, and we anticipate some people may get arrested. You can participate in solidarity online by making your insurance company’s website a virtual crime scene.

Click here if your insurance company is CIGNA

Click here if your insurance company is WellPoint or Blue Cross

Click here if your insurance company is UnitedHealth

Click here if you don’t know your insurance company or if you’re uninsured

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