Bobbing For The Truth

I’m a huge Bob Cesca fan. You only have to read him once to understand why. Here’s today’s why:

The Health Insurance You Have Now Sucks


Likewise, the health care system is in the process of melting down, and for too many Americans it already has. And as for the rest of us who think our health insurance policies are excellent and secure are, in reality, in serious denial. Even now, we’re paying more and more of our own money towards keeping this broken system afloat, and when the health care crisis kicks into high gear soon, who do you think will be obligated to pay for the greed and corruption responsible for the crisis?


At the very least, and at this very moment, we’re all paying a 30 percent private tax to our insurance companies. This tax isn’t being spent on our family’s medical care and general wellness, but instead on corporate bureaucracy and profit. For the average family contributing to around half of an annual $13,000 employer-based premium, this private tax amounts to more than a thousand dollars a year (and rising) for nothing. No guarantees against rescinding our policies. No guarantees of coverage in the event of a serious illness. No guarantees that we’ll be covered for a pre-existing condition. No guarantees that our rates won’t be randomly jacked up for no reason. Nothing.

You know the drill. Read the whole thing here.

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