Taking Care of Business

Senate Finance passed its bill out of committee today 14 to 9. Senator Snowe (R-ME) was the only Republican to vote yes.

Here’s the HCAN statement:

“The end of the Senate Finance Committee’s process marks the beginning of the next phase – crafting a strong bill that goes to the Senate floor. The HELP Committee bill offers a better path forward in the Senate than the Finance Committee bill.

The Senate Finance Committee bill falls short on making insurance affordable to America’s families, gives employers a “free ride,” and does not create meaningful competition in the insurance market with a strong national public health insurance option. The HELP bill makes health insurance affordable to families through subsidies, lowers the cost of insurance with a public health insurance option, and promotes shared responsibility with an employer requirement to contribute to coverage.

We’re closer than ever to achieving a guarantee of good, affordable health care for America’s families and businesses, and we’re counting on Senators to put their constituents ahead of the big insurers and vote for real reform.”

One thought on “Taking Care of Business”

  1. Thank God the charade of the Finance Committee is over. Now can we get a real reform bill that includes a strong public option?!

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