Eye Stye

My eye was bothering me yesterday, and as expected, I woke up this morning with a small stye. Good times.

I tried to take a picture of my actual stye, but it’s hard to see on a blackberry camera. It’s like a little bump on my left upper eyelid. I’ve done some internet diagnostics and have discovered warm compresses may do the trick, but if it doesn’t clear on its own, I’ll have to find an eye doctor.

Incidents like this make me think about health care reform opponents who claim people just need more “skin in the game.” That health care spending will go down if people are just more responsible consumers.

Who are all these people running off to the doctor just because? Bored rich housewives? Because I can’t think of anything I’d rather do less right now than take time out of my busy day to find an eye doctor, haggle to get an appointment, sit in a waiting room for an hour, and go fill some eye drop prescription – all of which will probably cost me more than it should because it will be impossible to find someone on my insurance plan.

None of this sounds particularly game-like to me. It definitely doesn’t sound like fun.

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