Healthy Competition

We’re taking on AHIP – the health insurance lobby – in DC today:

At 2:30pm today, seven families who have traveled to Washington, DC from around the country will hold a press conference inside the Capital Hilton to tell their stories of denied care and atrocious mistreatment by the private health insurance industry. The families have sent a letter to Karen Ignagni, President and CEO of the health insurance lobby, challenging her to face them in person and hear what they’ve endured. Ms. Ignagni has yet to respond. The letter is the basis for the print ad appearing today in Congress Daily AM, Congressional Quarterly, The Hill, Politico, and Roll Call.

While AHIP holds its annual State Issues conference inside the Capital Hilton, hundreds of supports of health care reform that guarantees good affordable coverage with the choice of a public health insurance option will the surround the hotel with signs that read “IT’S A CRIME TO DENY CARE.”

Image above is the print ad. Video below is a TV ad on air in DC for the next three days:

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