Who Are You Wearing?

Do you know what you’re going to be for Halloween? I don’t.

Levana suggested I come to her party as an Exhausted Health Care Advocate. I’ve got that costume. I’ve also got bits and pieces of previous years’ ensembles so I could always put them all together and go as The Ghost of Halloweens Past.

One of my favorites was the Fallen Angel, complete with dirt, branches, and broken halo and wings. You know, as if I actually fell. I’ve also been a Killer Bee (which was an excellent excuse to carry a water gun).

My best couples costume ever was the Mile High Club. I dressed as a flight attendant, and my badge had a picture of a man and a woman with a martini glass between them. My boyfriend at the time wore a suit with his tie askew, lipstick marks on his neck, a plane ticket in his pocket, and toilet paper stuck to the bottom of his shoe.

Once people figured it out, it was a big hit.

Anyway, have a safe and fun holiday, and if I come up with something clever, I’ll fill you in on Monday.

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