Bad Policy Is All Politics

I’ll have our rundown of everything wrong with the House GOP health care plan in a little while, but for now, see Ezra:

On the bright side, the Republican bill would allow insurers to base themselves in whichever state has the weakest regulatory standards and then sell policies built around those rules nationwide. If you’ve ever thought that your insurance was too comprehensive, too straightforward, and contained too few loopholes that you didn’t learn about until you feel terribly ill, then this is the plan for you!


Republicans have not released a plan to reform the health-care system. They have released a plan (pdf) to have people stop bugging them about releasing a plan to reform the health-care system. The two are not the same thing.


You don’t get to save time by producing a bill that wouldn’t solve any problems and doesn’t hang together and then also get to whine about how no one is covering the legislation you introduced on Nov. 3 when you can’t even say how many people will be covered under your bill! This isn’t serious legislation. It’s a really long press release.

The whole write is here. Read it. It’s perfect.

UPDATE: Here’s our take.

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