Sunshine Flaws?

Happy Thanksgiving! I should have given warning days ago that I was going to be out of pocket for a couple. But between traveling (with a cat in tow) and wrapping up some loose work ends, I forgot. Oops.

But no worries. All’s good. I am down in South Florida where I heard the following on the radio…twice:

“Men. Size matters. If it didn’t matter, why do you think a major cable network has a hit show dedicated entirely to a man’s size. It’s not about length. It’s about width and thickness.” [It gets worse. I’ll spare you the details.]

I was expecting a punchline. I thought it was all a euphemism. Nope. They’re really advertising male enhancement supplements on FM radio. (That cable show they’re referring to is clearly Showtime’s “Hung.”)

I remember when I came back here for grad school, almost every other commercial on TV was for plastic surgery with a noticeable emphasis on breast enlargement. So I suppose turnabout is fair play. But it still caught me off guard to hear such a blatant pitch on the air.

Makes you wonder if anyone’s buying the scam…or the product. Did I mention it comes with a free measuring tool? No joke.

This is Thanksgiving break – Miami-style.

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