Getting Our Piece of the Pie

Actual exchange going on in the office right now:

Email 1 (from D to J):

Just to let you and the HCAN staff know that we just received 2 delicious-looking apple pies as a Christmas gift from—don’t laugh—two Citibank reps who dropped by. Please let everyone at HCAN know – D

Email 2 (from J to staff):

Citibank has graced us with pies. It’s a Christmas miracle.

Email 3 (from A to staff):

Thank the taxpayer-financed bailout for funding their largess.

Email 4 (from J to staff):

I was a little confused how two pies cost $10 Million, but I’m not an accountant.

Outburst from down the hall:

I want bailout pie!

p.s. I should clarify that we rent space from another organization. The pies were delivered to them. Citibank is not trying to shmooze HCAN.

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