Coasting Into Christmas

The office is almost entirely empty. The Senate’s going through the motions before tomorrow’s final 8am 7am vote. I have consumed a couple of token holiday snacks. I suppose it’s time to get moving.

I’m staying in DC this season, welcoming a close friend into town and then celebrating with the rest of the stragglers I know who are either too strapped or too exhausted to venture elsewhere.

The next step for health care reform is focusing on getting the best bill possible to the President’s desk some time in the first part of the new year. That means fighting for things like true affordability, employer responsibility, no taxation of higher cost health care plans, and the choice of a public health insurance option.

You can help by signing our letter to leadership and the President at

Meanwhile, I am going to try my very best to disengage and relax over the next week or so. I’ll check in here on occasion, but in general, expect things to be slower than usual. I’m determined to give myself time off for good behavior. (Don’t laugh. It’s possible.)

Happy holidays. Have a good one.

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