Happy Snow-ish Day

DC’s bracing for (read: behaving ridiculously in anticipation of) what’s supposed to be about 36 hours of snow. We’ve seen nothing yet, but lines at stores have been out of control.

The upside is being given the option to work from home. Yes, I will be exercising said option.

And if it looks like you might have some free time around 3pm EST today, sign up now to join us for a live strategy conference call with HCAN staff and Senator Franken.

In other random, unrelated news, NPR reported this morning the “drunkest” city in the country is Fresno and the least drunk is Boston. Anyone else find that surprising? The Fresno part I think I understand, but Boston? USAToday has the full list here.

One thought on “Happy Snow-ish Day”

  1. Well, in Boston, at last call, they come around and take the drinks right out of your hand…

    Or as I found out, right out of your mouth, if you happen to be guzzling a bottle of beer.

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