Random Lessons Learned This Week

1. Blue nail polish is tougher to remove than you might expect.

2. NPR is not above using bizarre “whip” sound effects to illustrate the process of locking down Congressional votes. I’ll link to it if I can find the clip. No luck yet.

3. Filling out the Census form is really, really simple.

4. If you outnumber the crazies 50 to 1 – as in 50 people for reform and one guy against – some in the media will still feel compelled to imply that both sides were equally represented. Two reports from the exact same rally:

NBC 8: “People both for and against the health care plan are out in front of Tim Holden’s office…”

CBS 21: “There was just one person at the rally today [who was] against health care reform.”

5. See illustration above. Not learned but relearned.

That’s all for now. Happy Friday.

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