There’s The Shot

From AP:

WASHINGTON – A beaming President Barack Obama on Tuesday signed a historic $938 billion health care overhaul that guarantees coverage for 32 million uninsured Americans and will touch nearly every citizen’s life, presiding over the biggest shift in U.S. domestic policy since the 1960s and capping a divisive, yearlong debate that could define the November elections.

As an aside for those who are wondering why I am not over the moon at the moment, Frates explains:

With health care reform now the law of the land, the Senate will begin debating a package of changes to the law at 2:15 p.m. today.

House Democrats, wary of voting for what they saw as a politically toxic Senate bill, insisted that the Senate bill be altered through additional legislation after it became law. Democrats are using the budget reconciliation process to make the changes because it bypasses the Republicans’ filibuster threat. But GOP leaders plan to try to derail the bill with procedural challenges.

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