Combating Global (bench)Warming

I got an email this morning with a very clever subject line:

We Got Next

It’s from The Climate Protection Action Fund’s Repower America campaign, and the email reads in part:

I’m a basketball fan — but this year, the drama of “March Madness” is a lot bigger than college basketball. This week’s health care victory shows that, on or off the court, the underdog can triumph.

To win on clean energy legislation, our movement will need to topple the goliaths of big oil and their starting lineup of high-paid lobbyists. We can’t match their resources, but we can beat them with passion and commitment. Clean energy has been on the sidelines long enough — it’s time to tell Congress that the next game in town is ours.

The climate change peeps have been patiently waiting their turn, and this is a good segue.

Towards the end of our campaign, we started to work in the broader implications of getting health care reform done, talking about how a win on health care set the stage for success in other arenas. RA is spot-on in its messaging. Bringing in the win as proof it can be done and using our anti-corporate model as a framework is absolutely the right way to go.

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