I have been in Spain for a week now. Started in Madrid and am now back in Madrid until tomorrow when I leave for the south. The photo to the left is the view from my friend’s apartment where I am staying. Beautiful.

My fellowship program with the US Spain Council was incredible. We spent 4 days in Madrid and another 2 in Barcelona having meetings and sightseeing and learning more about Spanish life and culture.

But the best part of the experience – without question – was the group of people with whom I was lucky enough to share the week. I could not have assembled a more impressive, interesting, exciting, and entertaining group had I been able to hand-pick them myself. (Though if I had hand-picked them, I definitely would have gone with the same male-to-female ratio. Mira. Can you blame me?)

I said the two hardest things about returning to the States will be going back to eating salads or sandwiches for lunch (as opposed to gorgeous meals) and not having 8 fabulous men following me around all day.

I will start my solo travel tomorrow and then make my way back to Madrid eventually. This city feels like home the same way NYC always did. It’s extraordinary.

Hasta luego!

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