Riddle Me This

How long does it take to get approval for $25?

The latest in the Sears saga goes something like this. The TV was delivered last week while I was out of town. It was delivered the day after I got the email from Sears saying the order for the TV hadn’t even been processed yet and about 24 hours after I asked Sears to cancel my order.

After some extensive back and forth with a representative from their SearsCares department, they offered me 20% off the TV, a $25 gift certificate, and the weekend to think it over. (UPDATE: I forgot to mention they upped this to 25% off and a $50 gift certificate after I said no to the first offer). Tuesday, I got another call and explained I would accept 50% off, and they could scrap the gift certificate. The representative said he needed 10/15 minutes to see if that was something they could do.

About 20 minutes later, I got a call back from the rep saying he needed 24 to 48 hours more. That was Tuesday at 2pm. You do the math.

Speaking of math, the difference between what they offered and what I asked for – monetarily – is $25. So it would seem it takes at least 56 hours – and counting – for Sears to decide whether or not it wants to hand an incredibly disgruntled customer an additional $25.

Brilliant PR move, people. Really bright. In fact, I’m thinking their new slogan should be “Come See the Stupid Side of Sears.”

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