Crappy Company of the Week 3 Weeks Running: Sears

This is the end of the story. Sears refused to budge on the 25% discount and “$50 gift certificate.” TV’s going back.

That company has no business being in online sales. They are a dishonest, incompetent corporation, and their Customer (dis)Service department is a joke (In what world does 10 minutes equal 6 hours? One to two days equals three?). I’m telling you, any savings in price is not worth the cost in time and energy you’re guaranteed to spend tracking down your order and then haggling for fair compensation to make up for all that wasted time and energy.

Offering someone $50 off the next purchase when they’ve been given the runaround for three weeks on this purchase is absurd. It’s not about the money. I can spare the cash. It’s their gross incompetence and inability to recognize how obnoxious they’ve been that makes me furious, and I’d rather give $1000 to another company than hand them a dime.

Spreading the word far and wide. Stay far away from Sears.

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