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Because I don’t believe in knocking anything until you’ve tried it twice, I put a profile up on on Friday.

So far, it’s been hysterical.

I’m only on for a month (sign up and then cancel immediately to avoid getting auto-enrolled in a second month without your consent) and don’t have any expectations. I just thought it might be amusing to see what happens.

What’s happening is that I am collecting solid blog fodder. I would never embarrass anyone personally in a public forum, but it’s impossible to ignore there are some common – and often easily remedied – mistakes many of these men are making in trying to find a mate.

Below is the profile I crafted and continue to update as the need arises.

I tried this for a month about 6 months ago, but after the guy who emailed me daily for 2 weeks and disappeared when I asked if he had a phone, the guy who complained about paying for dinner on the first date, and the countless “not even remotely appropriate”s, I said I was done. Then I went abroad for a month and came back with the crazy thought that I might be willing to try one more time.

Here’s what’s important to me: I take really good care of myself physically, and I’d like you to do the same. I’m ambitious and driven so I’m looking for a guy who appreciates that in me and has the same propensity to take initiative and get things done. I love to laugh, but I don’t get into Adam Sandler so much as Jon Stewart. I’m not a fighter. I don’t like unnecessary drama. Other than that, let’s see what happens.

UPDATE: After 24 hours, I’ve recognized the need to add a few things.

1. I think the income question is awkward so I’m not answering it, but I can comfortably share that I’ve worked very hard over the years to be able to support myself, and it is important to me that you’ve done the same.

2. I like a guy who can spell. I’ll leave it there. No, I won’t. Consider your online profile (or your email to me) a first impression. Care enough to spell check.

3. If any of your photographs show you straddling something as if it’s part of your anatomy, assume I’m not interested.

4. All of my photos were taken in the last 2 months. If you don’t have more than one or the ones you have are blurry, assume I’m not interested.

5. Excessive use of smilies or LOLs is a deal breaker.

6. I’ll go a little younger or a touch older than my specifications, but if you’re old enough to be my Dad, you’re too old to be my date. I know lots of girls are working out their issues. I’m good.

7. Finally, if you’re in my favorites, it’s probably because I’m figuring out the least ridiculous thing to write to say hello. Plus, a little part of me still likes the guy to make the first move.


1. If you don’t have kids but have posted photos of yourself with kids, it doesn’t make me think you’re sensitive. It makes me think you have kids.

2. Athletic and toned doesn’t mean you want to be athletic and toned. Or that you were athletic and toned in high school. As a rule, if you’re overweight in your pictures, I’m not going to believe you are athletic and toned.

(This is fun. There may be more soon.)

Image: Natalie Dee

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