I couldn’t resist. I played with the profile again:

Just shy of two weeks now. Necessary additions to the update chain:

1. No images? Really? I don’t consider furniture on Craigslist that doesn’t have a photo. I’m certainly not going to correspond with a guy who won’t show me what he looks like.

2. If you’re under 30, I’m flattered. Not interested. But flattered. Thank you.

3. Self-portraits taken with a cell phone and a mirror are a bad idea. Topless self-portraits are just wrong. (h/t C)

4. Hey Match, could your Daily 5 algorithm be less scientific? His liking dogs and sharing my birth month doesn’t make us a good fit. I don’t need 29 levels of compatibility, but one decent one would be nice.

Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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