Case In Point

Match message received last night:


Totally unsolicited advice, and I really mean no harm by it . . . but your profile may actually scare off someone you like. It comes across as very negative — like you’re hard to please. My suggestion is to just keep it a bit more positive…and just politely ignore e-mails or winks from men you’re not interested in.

I have the best intentions in sending this . .


My response:

No offense taken. If someone’s scared off by what I’m looking for in a partner, then he’s not the right guy for me. I don’t think knowing what you want – and saying it – is a bad thing.

Match has proven to be less than impressive so far in so many ways. I have no expectations. And if my profile helps cut down on some of the ridiculousness I have to sift through, then it’s serving its purpose. The right guys get the tone and find it amusing and/or refreshing. The rest are not my kind of guys.

Thanks though. I do appreciate the good intentions.

For the record, the random compliments on my profile – the words, not just the pictures – far outnumber any other type of email correspondence thus far.

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