No Deal

I realize content’s been ultra light around here the past few days, but truth be told, there hasn’t been much to share. I had a good long weekend. Spent the first half of Saturday at the pool and the second half at the Nats game. Sunday was mellow in prep for a big night out which turned out to be a lot of fun. Friends. Fireworks. The full 4th experience.

Today I kicked back into pro mode and went to meet with some PR folks about a possible gig. The spot that caught my eye would have had me working on some of the new eHealth initiatives you’ll start hearing about as health care reform implementation starts picking up steam. But the people I met with saw something else they liked in my experience and wanted to take me down an alternate route. Problem was that route involves working with a large health insurance company.

As you can imagine, that’s a cut and dry deal breaker for me.

Everyone I met with was extremely cool, but after we sussed out the chasm between my wants and their needs, we cut the scheduled itinerary short. It was unquestionably the appropriate move.

I suspect this may be an issue with other PR firms in DC as many take on a large scope of varied clients, and I suppose for some, that variety is acceptable. However, having dedicated the past couple of years to fighting big insurance with everything I had, I don’t have any room to negotiate or compromise.

Just a few months ago, I created “Big Insurance: Sick of It.” Something like that sticks. It’s an open and shut case. No deal.

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