My month on Match.com expires today. The final tally looks something like this:

Profile viewed 1899 times
Emails received: 135
Winks received: 107
Guys I agreed to meet in person: 2
Guys I actually met in person: 1

The guy I met wasn’t a love connection, but he was smart and kind and we had a nice time chatting so I’m ending this little adventure on good note.

After giving it one more go, I’m convinced Internet dating’s not for me. Just like some people don’t go to bars and others don’t join clubs, online isn’t the right venue for me to explore romance. It’s strange because I am a huge fan of online connectivity in general and appreciate how we can create intimacy in what’s essentially the least intimate space imaginable. But I now believe that for me, the randomness of chemistry exists only in person, and there’s no substitute. That said, I do know a good number of people who’ve succeeded in finding love online, and I would never discount its potential for others.

It’s just not my thing.

And I am totally okay with that.

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