Define “Anybody”


CNN, unlike virtually every other news organization, has not laid off anybody—it keeps hiring—and is expanding its field resources and network of bureaus around the world.

For starters, I’m thinking Michael Wolff should have a little chat with Kelli Arena, Miles O’Brien, Jamie McIntyre, the entire CNN environment and technology staff, Kathleen Koch, Sean Callebs, and – oh yeah – me.

One thought on “Define “Anybody””

  1. The fan created survey you aced, may still be archived in the online fan community somewhere.
    What are you going to do if, hypothetically, they make you wear that computer geek image¹ again?

    Ah.. Ha! That's why I was enjoying this blog post so much! You neglected to mention, you know, who some of us wish we could to strangle² sometimes.

    With that said, it may be undesirable for fans get the impression that an organization may not have been nibble enough to recognize a producer with a knack for ratings, who as it turns out, was just ahead of his time.

    ¹ You look so much hotter now!
    ² A figure of speech, not literal.`

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