Really Shabby Chic

I’m not a huge online shopper – especially when it comes to clothes – because my size varies by brand, and I end up returning a lot more than I keep. But I hopped on the Gilt Groupe bandwagon a while back, and even if I’m not in the market to buy, I do like to log in and browse.

Today I was tempted to take a look at the latest from Charlotte Ronson and came across the following called “Bleach Splattered Shorts:”

They’re selling on Gilt for about $50, but check out the original price:

So here is why I find this funny. These are mine:

Similar color. Same white splotches. Not bleach but paint from fixing up my apartment back in August 2007. They’re Old Navy, and while I don’t remember what they cost, they couldn’t have been more than $15, if that. They’re comfortable and solid “just around the house” shorts, but at some point I was planning to toss them, assuming they were too destroyed to give to Goodwill.

Apparently not. Apparently I can start wearing them out and calling them all the rage.

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