Poll Dancing

The new Match.com commercials drive me batty. If you’ve turned on your TV at any point in the last month, you’ve probably seen them. They’re the ones with footage from “actual first dates” with the following tagline:

Match.com has led to

more dates
more relationships
more marriages

than any other site.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote to Match and asked how they were determining these declarations. They sent me a link to a poll they commissioned themselves. As a smart friend pointed out, all the poll shows is that Match wins the numbers game. More subscribers will inevitably lead to more hook-ups, but accurately gauging anything of substance beyond sheer volume is a huge stretch.

Also, the same company that owns Match.com owns Chemistry.com and Singlesnet.com, and since Match.com just acquired Yahoo! personals, comparing Match.com to these “other” dating sites seems a touch disingenuous and wildly unscientific.

My brief stint on Match was amusing but unimpressive. Here is an alternate tagline culled from personal experience:

Match.com has

more bad spelling and grammar
more desperation and social awkwardness
more guys fudging their (pick one) marital status/body type/height/age/income

than any other site.

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