Time to Pack It In

Just when you think TV can’t get any more pathetic, it tops itself.

Last time I was down in Miami, my Dad asked if I’d ever seen “Baggage.” It’s on the Game Show Network, but saying it’s a game show would imply that the contestants actually have a chance at winning something desirable. I hadn’t ever seen it before, but we watched a bit, and it’s really something else.

Hosted by Jerry Springer (enough said), one guy or girl contestant stands up in front of three potential dates. Each potential date has three bags – small, medium, and large – and each bag contains a flaw. As the women or men open their bags and reveal the unappealing characteristics about themselves, the contestant has to decide what’s acceptable and what’s a deal breaker. The dates are whittled down until it’s just one guy and one girl. Then the chosen date gets to see the contestant’s baggage and decide whether he or she can live with it too. If so, the two ride off into the dysfunctional sunset.

I know everyone’s got issues, but I can’t imagine why anyone would want to compete on a game show where the prize is someone else willing to expose his/her worst qualities on national television.

One of today’s women had the following in her small baggage: “I spend $150 every week on pot”

Her explanation? She is a medical marijuana patient, and it helps her tap into her creativity. I’m going to go out on a limb and say lack of creativity (a medical condition? really?) is the least of her problems.

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