Moving Pictures

During my first summer in DC about 5 years ago, a friend and I went out to Ballston for dinner and then decided to walk home. It was dark and late, but the weather was gorgeous, and since we are both huge walkers, it was totally doable. I think we figured out it was a little more than 6 miles.

On our way back into the District, we passed the Iwo Jima Memorial and climbed down into the park to take a closer look. We sat under the monument for a while and just let the image sink in. It’s really something else at night. Eerie. Haunting. Powerful.

This past Saturday night, I went out to Virginia for a birthday party, and on the way home, I suggested my friend and I take a slight detour. This friend had never seen the Memorial before – let alone at night – so we stopped, and for me, the experience was just as moving the second time around. It’s impossible to capture the full range of emotions in photos, but here’s a sense of what we saw:

These were all taken with my Blackberry. I’d love to get back out there sometime with a real camera and try and do it justice.

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