When Good Things Happen to Great People

Miles O’Brien is back. From PBS:

At a time when many news organizations are reducing or have altogether eliminated the coverage of science news, the PBS NewsHour will increase its commitment to science journalism both on air and online.

With the goal of enhancing the profile of its science, engineering and technology reporting – and increasing the science literacy of its audience – the PBS NewsHour has named veteran journalist Miles O’Brien as its new science reporter.

O’Brien will lead the NewsHour Science News Unit to serve as a definitive, continuing source of reliable, up-to-the-minute coverage of this important and vibrant element in the lives of millions of Americans.

Miles is one of the good ones. Here’s what I said when he got let go from CNN back in 2008.

As with Judy Woodruff (whose show was my first on CNN), CNN’s loss is PBS’s gain. Big time.

One thought on “When Good Things Happen to Great People”

  1. I've been on TV a few times just for fun. And believe me, it's a lot of fun being watched in 60 million homes!

    So, with Miles on PBS, now I have something in common with both Miles O'Brien and Soledad O'Brien.

    Once I was on PBS on a TV episode about unusual jobs. Another time, I was on Tech TV, as a fan of NEXT@CNN, with host Leo Laporte, who played Dev Null on MSNBC's The Site with host Soledad O'Brien.

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