Nurse Jacki

I know posting’s been rotten lately, but I have a good excuse. A friend of mine suffered a collapsed lung, and we’ve been at the hospital since Wednesday. It’s quite the adventure. Here are some of the things we’ve learned over the past 5 days:

1. Just when you think the food can’t get any worse, they send up a block of egg masquerading as an omelet.

2. The gap between a good nurse and a lousy nurse can be HUGE.

3. Dropping off Christmas cookies at the nurses’ station helps but doesn’t hold the weight you might expect.

4. Doctors LOVE it when you do research online and tell them all about your condition and the equipment they’re using. Who needs medical school when you have the Google?

5. It’s $10/day to watch TV. There is little on TV worth $10/day.

6. Sleep is not only impossible but actively thwarted. The parade of annoyance starts around 5am and continues at 30-45 minute intervals for hours on end.

7. If you have an unavoidable altercation with a totally obnoxious, insensitive, and power tripping night supervisor, word gets around.

8. No matter how rotten the situation seems, the guy in the next room screaming “Nurse!” whenever the mood strikes his fancy reminds you to be grateful that you’re just sick and not crazy.

9. A man on codeine who’s been cooped up for four days should not be allowed to operate the adjustable bed remote unsupervised.

and finally…

10. You cannot leave the seat up on this puppy. I could drown:

3 thoughts on “Nurse Jacki”

  1. Yeah! And while you at it, letting some of us get away with posting a few jokes now and then might be nice too… Please!

    Blimey, your moderation is so rigorous, you're breaking my rhythm. Not that I mind… Thanks for moderating.

    Oh, and on a more serious note, best wishes for your friend's recovery.

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