Roxi(oh really?)

I’m moving in a couple of weeks (more on that later), and I’ve decided to transfer all my old TV work from VHS to DVD and finally ditch the boxes of tapes I’ve been lugging from apartment to apartment for years.

I’ve got a VCR so I bought Roxio’s “easy VHS to DVD for Mac.” I got all the hardware connected and was able to capture the video without a problem. I also could turn my videos into quicktime movies. But when I burn the .mpgs to disc and try to open them, I get an error message telling me the .mpgs are not movie files. Same happens when I try to play the .mpgs off my computer.

I’m sure this is something easily remedied with a little more info so I logged on to Roxio’s live chat for help. The following is a transcript of that chat. If you think Fred “hung up” on me, you would be correct (click to see larger image):

But here’s the kicker. You may be thinking, “Why not just call?” Here’s why:

Phone Support

We also provides a premium telephone support option at a rate of $1.89 (USD) per minute at (866) 434-9871 during the hours of Monday – Friday, 11:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., EST.

Nice work, Roxio. Epic customer service fail.

UPDATE: Did a little research and found a fix on my own. Turns out I’m even more tech savvy than I thought. As an additional aside, however, a quick Google search turns up a ton of problems with this product and an endless stream of complaints about Roxio and its lack of basic customer support.

2 thoughts on “Roxi(oh really?)”

  1. I hope you took their "short survey" and told them that their 'bot was not only incompetent but rude! [aside] Does "anthropomorphic" cover assigning human characteristics to computers, as well as animals?

  2. More viewers would get off the Internet and watch The Discovery Channel or SciTech News, with former Miss "Internet Chick"
    as their awesome SciTech News hostest!

    My comments describe a classic A.I. developed at MIT 45 years ago (Joseph Weizenbaum). In one of the most basic A.I. techniques, a bot may divide your text message into words. This is called "parsing", which splits up your text message into keywords that match to a list of possible bot response text messages stored in its memory bank.

    Finally, just like in the movie, "Terminator", the bot executes a function to select the best answer from the list of responses. Other A.I. techniques exist. Artificial Intelligence is a very interesting topic in the news. IBM's Watson supercomputer is about to play the human champs on Jeopardy using A.I.

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