Despite my New Year’s resolution to get back to blogging more, you’ve probably noticed things have been unusually quiet ’round these parts. I now can explain why.

I’ve moved.

After almost six years in DC, it was time to say goodbye. I’m ready for something new, and the temptation to continue that quest from the comfort of endless sunshine was too tough to resist. I’m now back in South Florida for the time being and will continue to pursue whatever next great adventure’s in store from here.

My friend and I rented a truck, packed up my stuff, and drove more than 1000 miles down I-95. We took a couple of days to make the trip and had great fun sneaking the cat into hotels along the way. The picture above is Emmy making herself at home at a Holiday Inn in Daytona.

The only hitch in the whole plan was an unforeseen accident that happened last Friday night. I slipped on the stairs inside my apartment and landed on my lower back. Nothing’s broken, but I’m in a lot of pain which means my friend had to do much more of the driving than either of us anticipated. She was a total rock star, and I am infinitely grateful.

The plan now is to learn how to take it easy and let myself heal. Easier said than done, but I intend to try.

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