Whatever It Takes

I don’t use Twitter as often as I probably should (meaning as often as one might expect for a sufficiently wired modern woman). It could be my undeniable post-Spain devotion to Facebook. It could be my inherent distaste for the word “tweet.” Regardless, I giggle a bit whenever Twitter informs me I have a new follower. 140 characters doesn’t suit me. You’re better off coming here and reading the blog.

Anyway, this evening, I was so moved by Baratunde Thurston‘s video that I tapped into Twitter to compose the following

with the hope that he’d see it. The full-on h/t goes to Chez for the find. Here it is:

Say Aha

I went to the dentist this morning b/c I thought I had a tooth on the move. Turns out it’s totally fine, but we did have the following exchange:

Dentist: Are u stressed?

Me: Does anyone answer ‘no’ to that question?

Dentist: Do you floss every day?

Me: Does anyone answer ‘yes’ to that question?

Dentist: Fair enough.


Burrito Cat

Emmy had surgery to remove a couple of mast cell tumors today. Here she is first out of her carrier at home:

Here is she is trying to walk. The back legs refused to cooperate:

Here she is cone-free but still sufficiently miserable:

Vet says she’s got to stay wrapped up for 10 days. We’ll see how long she tolerates being constricted once the pain subsides and the attitude kicks back in.

Other People’s Kids

Spent Saturday in the park with a friend’s daughter. She’s ridiculously adorable.