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I made my usual weekly appearance on The Stephanie Miller Show this morning and fielded a lot of questions for which I didn’t have all the information handy. So as promised, here are some explanations and links to help you navigate a few of the issues that came up.

1. My husband and I are married but file taxes separately. Can we get subsidies through the health insurance exchange?

It looks like the answer to that question is no. According to, your spouse and you must file a joint tax return in 2014 in order to access the possibility of qualifying for  health insurance premium assistance. H/t to @secondgen on Twitter for the link.

2. I am trying to help my sister in Arkansas qualify for a health insurance subsidy but am having difficulty finding the answers I need. What else can I do?

US News and World Report has a good, comprehensive Arkansas health insurance resource page which includes how to reach the Arkansas Insurance Department Consumer Services Division should you still have difficulty finding what you need through  In fact, has a health insurance guide with a drop-down menu for every state.

3. When I retire, I will have a lower income than I do now. I may qualify for a subsidy. What income do I include when estimating how much I am going to make?

The tax link in answer 1 also includes this information. Here it is again. Note the drop-down menu at the bottom has some additional questions and answers.

4.  Are newly available dental benefits under Medi-cal due to the Affordable Care Act?

Nope. It looks like the good news comes as the result of a state Assembly Bill that restores some dental benefits starting May 1, 2014. You can read more about it here (pdf) and here.  The main website for these links is here.

Feel free to contact me either on Twitter  (@jackischechner) or Facebook (/jackischechnertv) should you have any additional questions or concerns. Hope this helps!

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