Finding a Way

OPPC logoIn the wake of Robin Williams’ death, we spent a lot of time talking about depression and mental health care on The Stephanie Miller Show this morning. Too often someone cites cost as a reason for not being able to get the help he/she needs. I recommended checking out one new option for access to affordable psychotherapy – Open Path Psychotherapy Collective. Founder Paul Fugelsang writes more about the Collective on The Huffington Post. An excerpt:

We now have more than 900 participating therapists in 42 states, and every month we enroll and connect between 60 and 80 new clients. My original concept has changed a touch, and we’re constantly evolving. For example, instead of taking a fee per session, we’ve chosen to collect a one-time, lifetime membership fee. That $49 allows a client access to our database of therapists anytime he wants to find help. I know people often start and stop therapy depending on need and circumstance. Our model accommodates that reality.

You can listen to the first 13 mins of my full hour here.

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